In 1969, as the US auto makers waged their horsepower wars in the American muscle car market, FORD introduced their NASCAR bred 429 engine in the 1969 and 1970 Mustangs. 

The Boss 429 Mustangs had a limited run of 850 units in 1969, and 499 in 1970. Today these cars are valued between $300K and $500K and are almost exclusively housed in collections rarely seen on the street. 

The FORD junkies at Jon Kaase Racing Engines worked and brought the Boss 429 engine back to life on its 40th anniversary. Kaase's modern Boss Nine combination is based on a high-nodcular cast cylinder block that can accommodate 429, 460, 520, or 600 cubic inches and output extends from 500 to 1,000 streetable horsepower. 

Now as we approach to 50th anniversary of the iconic Boss 429 Mustang, we have recreated the car using modern automotive technology. Using either a real '69/'70 Mustang fastback that has been fully restored or a Dynacorn body, we install all the modern suspension, braking, steering, and interior components found in today's Pro Touring restorations. 

Then to top it off, we drop in a Kaase Boss 429 or 520. For a complete list of components, please see our order sheet. Also, please view our prototype as its being built!